The story

Set under and above the high seas, The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel, an adventurous young mermaid who’s got a thing for disobeying the rules and following her heart. Ariel’s fascination with the human world often leads her to the sea surface, a zone that’s designated as “off-limits” by her father Triton, the sea king. One day while sneaking to the surface, Ariel witnesses a shipwreck and rescues Prince Eric, with whom she become instantly smitten. Furious at Triton’s inability to understand her love for the prince, Ariel runs away and strikes a deal with Ursula, Triton’s evil witch of a sister, to experience the life she dreams of on land.




Director: Mark Stoddard

Vocal Music Director:  Rachel Stoddard

Choreographer: Kathleen Brazie

Production Manager:  April Edwards

Lighting Designer: Shawn Smith

Set Designer: Kris Tyler

Marketing: April Edwards, Denisse Leon, Kyler Nixon, Sarah Rogers 

Stage Manager: Dan Stoddard

Assistant Stage Managers: Kayla Dowd,
Ben Harris, Maddie Hoag

Assistant Choreographer: Cooper Hallstrom

Costume Designers: April Edwards,
Alma Rodriguez, Rosa Rodriguez, Yolie Ochoa

Wardrobe Manager: Natali Guevara

Scenic Foreman: Ryan Jacobson

Sound Operator: Jordan Hurt

Hair/Makeup Designer: Angel Barnett

Atmosphere Coordinator: Maria Vidal

Aerial Crew Chief: Ryan Jacobson

Aerial Choreographer: Kristin Blagg

Stage Crew: Sarah Ayers, Christopher Griffin,
Cyndi Lazar, Angelina Ramirez, Kiersten Vance, Christian Zimmerman

Spotlight Operators: Ruben Renteria,
Kaley Vance

Set Construction Team: Jim Allmeyer, Kristin Blagg, Ethan Carpenter, Jeff Carpenter, Stephanie Carpenter, Cyndi Couch, Sue Feely, Pascal Hinnen, Cyndi Lazar, Marissa Klapper, Angelina Ramirez, Jeffrey Robertson, Kennedy Robertson, Marlene Ruiz, Shawn Smith, Haydon Swedler, Josh Swedler, Tori Swedler, Keith Tyler, Kaley Vance, Kiersten Vance, Phil Wussow


Makeup Team: Vada Cooke, Adele Downing, Melodie Gutierrez, Missy Henderson, Annie Noland, Kennedy Robertson, JoAnna Shipe, Megan Sutton

Hair Team: Michelle Boudant, Kim Cooper-Schmidt, Malekka Durden, Nichole Green, Darra Mara, Faith Moran

Costume Team: Hannah Attasseril, Brooke Baker, Sylvia Don Carlos, Shirleen Garcia, Rosie Goklish, Carolina Heredia, Becky Hill, Carrie Kunberger, Veronica Ortiz, Chrissy Redding, Tony Rodriguez

Atmosphere Team: Emily Anton, Hannah Attasseril, April Edwards, Marina Carbajal, Brody Cooke, Sue Feely, Amber Gonzalez, Cathy McLane, Diann Miller, Bindu Rajan, Maria Vidal, Casey Vaugh, Melissa Vinkiewicz-Sundt

Photography Team:  Ellie Bregant, Mik Fink, Natalie Guevara, Estefania Guevara, Denisse Leon, Kyler Nixon

Props Team: Tina Hinnen, Cheryl Johnson, Kelly Stewart, Tori Swedler, Tamara Swindler, Kimi Wussow

Aerial Crew:  Jason Grandon, Tim Jones, Isaac Mara, Phenecia Padilla, Robin Pinckard, Robert Pramono,
Mike Reagan, Ryan Sills, Galen Swartzentruber,
Matt Whetstine