Dream City Church Creative Arts

Kids’ Room Guidelines

Starting with Dress Rehearsals, all cast members age 12 and younger will be in the Kids’ Room during the show.

  • We will have parent helpers assisting each night. Some will help with hair and makeup, and we will have two “scene runners” each night to help bring each group of kids to the correct area for their entrances.

  • Parents, please sign up to help! We are expecting each parent to sign up to help for at least two shows.

  • Kids will stay in the Kids’ Room until it’s time for their group to go to the stage or if they need to go to the bathroom

  • Parent volunteers will help with makeup and hair, but it makes things simpler if they arrive with hair and makeup already done when they arrive at 6:00pm

  • Parents, we also ask that you walk them to the Kids’ Room each night to sign them in, and pick them up to sign them out

  • If a kid is sick, contact their group leader. Depending on how sick they are, we might ask them not to come to that show so we don’t get anyone else sick.

  • Sarah Zastrow is the Kids’ Room coordinator. Parents, she will be there on Monday to meet you.