Dream City Church Creative Arts



Due Nov 17

During costume fittings you will get information on what shoes and underclothes (ex socks, tank, tshirt, cami, shorts, hose, etc.) you need to provide for your costume.


Due Oct 20-25

See exact schedule for your fitting time(s)

Bring to your costume fittings.

Most cast will be asked to provide some items for their costume. We will let you know before costume fittings if we want you to bring something to costume fittings (shirt, pants, coat, scarf etc). If you have more than one option, bring it. For specific characters we may ask you what you already own or if you are willing to purchase certain items. All costume related items (clothing, shoes, underclothes) must be approved by the Costume Director (April Edwards) before it goes on stage – so be sure to keep your receipts and tags. These items will be approved at costume fittings.


Oct 20-25

See schedule for your fitting time(s)

Costume fittings will be the first time we see you in costume. Cast will bring and wear any costume pieces we have asked you to provide and we will have you try on costumes that we are providing. We will talk about:

-          Underclothes, shoes

-          Hair/makeup

-          Quick changes/transitions

-          Take a photo 

NOTE: If we do not get your photo, costume measurements this may delay having a costume prepared for you.


Cast were cast partially based on their look. Cast are asked NOT to drastically cut or color their hair without contacting the Costume Director (April Edwards).

Each scene will have its own ‘LOOK’. During costume fittings we will let cast know what the look is for their scenes.

During performances we will provide hair and makeup supplies but if you have sensitivities you may want to bring your own. We will have hair and makeup crews to help leads and specific characters. They will also be checking cast to make sure hair and makeup look consistent each show and it is what we want for each scene.


Nov 16 - Dec 4

Scene Spacing – Cast wear costumes. Cast that we ask to do their own hair and makeup start practicing.

Tech – no costumes. Some characters may have prop costumes. Cast will get a feel for how much time they have to get to all their places. 

Dress – All cast wear full costumes, hair, and makeup. Cast will have to work on timing to get to all their places as well as costume, hair, and makeup changes. It is important to always wear the costume as it is designed. Cast missing costume pieces or not wearing costumes, hair, or makeup correctly will not be allowed to perform.



Dec 5-9, 13-19

Costume check out will open 1 hour before the performance and will close 30 minutes after the show is over.

It is the cast responsibility to check in ALL costume pieces before check in closes. If pieces are missing, cast members are responsible for backtracking their movements throughout the auditorium, backstage, and bathrooms to see if they can find them.

All costumes for the show must be left at the church and checked out/in each night.

Costumes should never be worn outside, in the lobby, or anywhere the public can see them - until after the performance to greet the audience.

You should never eat in your costume.

When costumes are checked out, they need to be hung up at all times.

If costumes are missing, lost, or damaged cast members will be asked to pay for the cost of the costume(s). 

There will not be ‘extra’ costumes if you lose your costume.

If there is major damage or problems with your costumes, you must put it in writing at the checkout area so the costume team can look at it.


We will have assigned male and female dressing rooms during the performance. We strive for modesty backstage and ask that cast members always use the dressing rooms (or assigned areas) and not change backstage in open areas. Cast members should plan to wear assigned underclothing even in dressing rooms.