Hey cast! Check out the links below for our upcoming opportunities to perform at Dream City Church! We'd love to have you continue your involvement in our program!

Auditions for the summer musical Annie will be in February, with performances in July.

DCC Arts Classes are offered weekly throughout the Spring in Acting, Dance, and Visual Art.


  • CAST MEETING will be upstairs at 6:40pm for ALL cast members.
  • PARKING: From now on, please use the North parking lot to park. You can enter through Sharon Drive.
  • CAST/CREW ENTRANCE: The cast/crew entrance is at the bottom of the loading ramp. Stay to the left of the metal door. There will be signs to point the way.
  • NOTE: Please do not sit on the makeup counters on stage left and stage right!! We are getting them fixed because they have been damaged from people sitting on them.
  • FOOD/DRINKS should be kept upstairs ONLY. No food or drinks should be in the costume rooms or hair/makeup areas or anywhere near the stage.
  • LOCKERS: Email Beth Karhu, tbkarhu@aol.com to reserve a locker backstage


Hi Cast! We are excited to head into Tech and Dress Rehearsals!

There are quite a few items you need to know about. I know it’s a lot, but please take the time to read all information below so you know what to expect for the next phase of the production.

We have a system in place to keep things organized and efficient backstage. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a positive and productive backstage environment.




  • Downstairs Rehearsal Room – used for costume check in/out; men/women dressing areas curtained off; makeup and hair stations
  • Makeup Mirror Counters, stage left and stage right – makeup and hair team has stations to help with specialty hair and makeup (we also have self-serve stations available in the costume room if you can do your own hair and makeup)
  • Bathrooms – ONLY for toilet usage, not dressing rooms; not for costumes, hair or makeup
  • Lockers, backstage hallway – can be reserved for cast/crew usage (see below for details); provide your own lock
  • Upstairs Center Rehearsal Room – mic table; cast hangout area with tables and chairs
  • Upstairs Stage Left Room – Kids’ room for kids ages 12 and under who are in the cast only; supervised area for kids, with stations for kids’ hair, makeup and costumes
  • Chapel – dance group warmups (schedule to follow)
  • Note: No food or drink is allowed in the costume room; no eating in costumes; food and drink allowed in cast hangout room upstairs


  • Cast Managers – Kayla Dowd, Natali Guevara, Debi Vandenboom (they are available to help with any questions about where to be, or help with props or quick changes)
  • Stage Crew – Siobhan Klos, BJ O’Dowd, Jerry Conrad (in charge of set pieces)
  • Room Monitors – Jake Rogers, Kristi Perkins
  • Kids’ Room Supervisors – Brinlee Turley, Christian Ieremia
  • Costume Supervisor – Leandro Luna
  • Makeup and Hair Supervisors – Adele Downing, Malekka Durden, Kennedy Robertson
  • Mic Technician – Brian Stutsman


  • Cast enters the stage through the upstage right and upstage left double doors.
  • Cast should NOT use the far stage right or far stage left doors to the lobby because large set pieces will be moving through those areas
  • Props will be organized on tables for cast to pick up and return before and after their scenes
  • There is access under the stage, and two escape stairs to access the top level.


  • The two downstairs bathrooms are shared use with the public/audience. Be aware that as the cast uses these restrooms, the public will be using them as well.
  • These bathrooms are only used for toilet usage, not costumes, makeup, or hair, and these bathrooms must be kept clean.


  • Cast members will start checking out costumes one hour before show time. Costume items must be checked back in 30 minutes after the show ends. Costumes must be returned labeled and with the hangers.
  • Costumes must be hung up on racks and never put on the ground. Fees may be charged for lost or damaged costumes.
  • Men’s and women’s dressing rooms are in the Downstairs Rehearsal Room, sectioned off with curtains.
  • Costume changes need to happen in the dressing rooms, not in hallways or open areas (unless you have a previously established quick change). Cast must have shorts and tank top on at all times for modesty and efficiency, unless you were given specific instructions during fittings.


  • The mic table will be ready 50 minutes before showtime. Anyone using a Lav pack mic at the beginning of the show needs to get it at least 30 minutes before showtime. Others will have handoffs where they need to get their mic from another performer during the show. The audio technicians will help get your microphones.
  • Handheld mics will be backstage for performers to get before their scenes.


  • The upstairs Chapel is being designated for dance groups to warm up before their scenes.  We will have a detailed schedule that all groups will follow. The volume level on music in the chapel must remain extremely low.


  • All cast/crew/orchestra should park in the north parking lot areas (stage left side of the building).
  • Cast/crew/orchestra can ONLY enter in the Cast Entrance. On the north side (stage left side) of the building, come down the loading dock ramp and veer left to the door.


  • We will have a mandatory meeting for all cast and crew 20 minutes before each show (6:40pm and 2:40pm) in the Upstairs Cast Hangout area. This is a very important time for our entire team to connect, get inspired (by our special guests) and focus before each performance.


  • Cast and crew members can sign up to use the lockers (see below for sign up details). The purpose of the lockers is to make sure people have a place to put their personal items and valuables during the show.
  • Each locker will be shared by two or three people.
  • If you choose not to use a locker, you can keep your personal items in your car, or they can be put in the backstage rooms, but with so many people there is a risk of your things getting moved or lost.
  • The kids’ room will have cubbies for the kids to use and the room will be supervised during the show, so children under 12 do not need to sign up for a locker.
  • If you choose to use a locker, please note:
    1. There are not built-in locks, so bring your own padlock if you want to lock your locker
    2. No alcohol, drugs, or weapons are permitted in any backstage area, including the lockers
    3. Please do not keep open food items in the lockers so we can avoid bugs and mold
    4. Remove all items and locks by the final performance
  • To sign up for a locker, email Beth Karhu, tbdkarhu@gmail.com and tell her the names of the cast members who you will share the locker with.


  • Please make sure you know when to be at the church on Saturday and Sunday. Your scene leaders will remind you of the specific details.
  • See below for schedule reminders.


Thank you for all your hard work on the show so far! Let’s continue to make it an efficient and effective production!


Celebration of Christmas Leaders



Saturday, December 2, the following groups need to ARRIVE AT 9:15AM

Opening Medley

Scene 1 – Homeward Bound

Scene 2 – Drama

Scene 3 – Feliz Navidad

Saturday, December 2, the following groups need to ARRIVE AT 11:15AM

Scene 4 – Drama

Scene 5 – 80s Medley

Scene 6 – Drama

Scene 7 – 40s Medley

Saturday, December 2, the following groups need to ARRIVE AT 1:45PM

Scene 8 – Drama

Scene 9 – Frozen Medley

Scene 10 – Drama

Scene 11 – Love Is Christmas

Saturday, December 2, the following groups need to ARRIVE AT 3:30PM

Scene 12 – Drama

Scene 13 – Mashup

Scene 14 – Drama

Scene 15 – Heaven Everywhere

Sunday, December 3, the following groups need to ARRIVE AT 1:45PM

Scene 16 – Drama

Scene 17 – Almost There

Scene 18 – Christmas Joy

Scene 19 – O Holy Night

Sunday, December 3, the following groups need to ARRIVE AT 4:00PM

Scene 20 – Mary Did You Know

Scene 21 – You Reign/King’s Procession

Scene 22 – Finale


Monday, December 4, 6:00-10:00pm – Dress Rehearsal #1 (full cast – mandatory)

Tuesday, December 5, 6:00-10:00pm – Dress Rehearsal #2 (full cast – mandatory)

Wednesday, December 6, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Thursday, December 7, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Friday, December 8, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Saturday, December 9, 2:00pm call time; 3:00pm Performance

Saturday, December 9, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Sunday, December 10, 2:00pm call time; 3:00pm Performance

Sunday, December 10, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Monday, December 11, NO PERFORMANCE – DAY OFF

Tuesday, December 12, NO PERFORMANCE – DAY OFF

Wednesday, December 13, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Thursday, December 14, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Friday, December 15, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm call time; 3:00pm Performance

Saturday, December 16, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Sunday, December 17, 2:00pm call time; 3:00pm Performance

Sunday December 17, 4:30-6:00pm – Cast/Crew/Orchestra dinner party, Marty Awards

Sunday, December 17, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Monday, December 18, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance

Tuesday, December 19, 6:00pm call time; 7:00pm Performance