Over the next few weeks you will receive information on what the costume, hair, and makeup is for each scene. Read information below to be ready for the show!

CAST UNDERCLOTHES - ALL cast members will be asked to provide basic underclothing which they will wear under all their costumes and during costume changes. No underclothing should ever show under costumes. For women this includes black biker shorts (to mid thigh), a nude cami, and possibly panty hose. For girls, this includes white shorts; a white cami, and possibly panty hose. For men/boys this includes black biker shorts (to mid thigh) and a black sleeveless shirt. If you have any questions or concerns, contact April Edwards.

CAST COSTUMES/HAIR/MAKEUP- DCC provides costumes for many of the scenes in the show, however, MOST cast members will be asked to provide some aspects of their costumes. This may include anything from shoes, shirts, dress, pants, jackets, accessories, etc. Cast members will receive instructions from April Edwards in the next few weeks regarding what their costume, hair, and makeup is for their scene. Cast are required to wear the costume, hair, and makeup assigned to them. We will also let you know by the end of September what costume items you need to provide. If you are asked to provide something, generally it will be something you can get at an affordable cost. Again if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact April. During fittings, Scene Spacing, Tech Rehearsals and Performances, cast may receive notes from April regarding any adjustments that will need to be made. It is important to always wear the costume as it is designed. Cast missing costume pieces or not wearing costumes, hair, or makeup correctly will not be allowed to perform.

COSTUME CARE All costumes for the show must be left at the church and checked out/in each night. No costumes should ever be worn outside, in the lobby, or anywhere the public can see them. You should never eat in your costume. Costumes should only be worn on stage for your scene(s). When costumes are checked out, they need to be cared for respectfully and hung up at all times. Cast members must check in all costumes after each show. If costumes are missing or lost, cast members will be asked to pay for the cost of the costume(s). Costumes will not be completely tailored but allow for ease of movement. There will not be ‘extra’ costumes if you lose your costume. If costumes are damaged during the performance, the checkout area will have safety pins for a temporary fix. If there is major damage or problems with your costumes, you must put it in writing at the checkout area so that we can let costume designers know.

COSTUME CHECK OUT/IN Costume check out will open 1 hour before the performance and will close 30 minutes after the show is over. It is the cast responsibility to check in ALL costume pieces before check-in closes. If pieces are missing, cast members are responsible for backtracking their movements throughout the auditorium, backstage, and bathrooms to see if they can find them.

DRESSING ROOMS We will have assigned male and female dressing rooms during the performance. Cast members must use the dressing rooms and not change backstage in open areas. Dressing room curtains are not completely opaque so cast members should plan to wear the undergarments described above at all times.