The mission of Dream City Church is to reveal Christ to the world by loving people, cultivating community and inspiring hope.  Although we strive for creative and artistic excellence in COC, the real purpose of the show is to inspire people to become Christ followers. This production is a unique mix of performing arts, faith and community - it is our privilege to serve our audience and each other. Pray for: the audience, your cast mates and your leaders.

We ask all cast, crew and leaders to kindly honor and respect the Christian values of Dream City Church while on the premises, and while representing the church during this production.


It is up to YOU to read all communication and information regarding the show. Your main sources of information will be via email and on the Cast/Crew website.  From now to Dec 19, you will receive regular updates and information about the show. We request that you check your email and the Cast/Crew website DAILY so that you know what is going on and can respond in a timely manner.


With over 300 performers it is virtually impossible to schedule around all performer conflicts. You will need to communicate directly with your individual leader(s) to discuss conflicts and absences from rehearsals. If you have excessive absences, you may be removed from certain scenes/songs – this will be at the discretion of the creative team. Please be proactive about informing your cast manager(s) if you will be late or absent.


We value creative excellence and relational excellence. One of the most rewarding aspects of being in a production is the friendships that are made. We will be a ‘family’ for the next 3 months, so enjoy getting to know the cast, crew, and leaders. We strive to encourage the ‘golden rule’ – treat others as you would want them to treat you. Foster respect and encouragement to your fellow cast/crew members and leaders.  Do your best to leave your ‘emotional baggage’ from the day at the door – bring a positive attitude to rehearsals, costume fittings and other show related events.

All cast and crew are asked to support and show respect towards all leaders (directors, stage managers, designers, tech staff, etc.) Although at times, there may be choices or decisions you may not agree with, we ask you to support the process. Accept suggestions and direction from DCC Creative Arts staff with grace and humility.

Please refrain from: profanity, inappropriate talk or behavior, and potentially divisive conversation. Be an example of integrity - dress modestly, honor your commitments, promote a positive environment. If you have a disagreement or run-in with other cast/crew members, please do your best to resolve it in a healthy manner. If you have any concerns, go directly to your leader to help resolve it – avoid the temptation to spread rumors or commiserate with others.


‘Excellence is the absence of distraction’. Each rehearsal environment is where performers, designers and technicians are taking creative risks to achieve artistic excellence.  Protect the rehearsal focus from any distractions (including excessive talking, cell phones, cast romances, etc.).  Be prepared – once music, blocking and choreography has been taught it is the performers responsibility to be ‘off book’ (memorized) as soon as possible. Avoid ‘directing’ your fellow cast members – leave that to your director.  Be on time! But if you are late, do not come barging into your rehearsal and disrupt the environment.

We have skilled artistic leaders who are crafting the numerous creative aspects of the show. Feel free to ask questions and express any practical concerns but please ask permission first before you share your artistic opinion or preference.


Ok, this is a tricky one. As our culture grapples with the ramifications of social media, we ask that you please use utmost discretion with social media to avoid posting anything that would be detrimental, controversial or contradictory to the mission, image and reputation of Dream City Church and to the Celebration of Christmas production. In addition, we ask that you do not post ANY pictures or videos of ‘performance elements’ during rehearsals, without the consent of an Artistic Leader (director, choreographer, stage manager, etc.). Backstage rehearsal selfies, group photos/videos and the like (that are not ‘performance elements’) are OK to post as long as they reflect the participants in a positive manner. DCC will produce various promotional photos and videos that you are encouraged to share and post.


‘If you see something, say something’. Any concerns that may affect the safety or welfare of the cast/crew should be communicated to your leader and/or cast manager. They will determine the best way to address it. In an emergency, your cast manager or leader will call 911.  Kids 13 and under should always be escorted by a Parent/Guardian to/from their rehearsal room. Parents are welcome to hang out in the lobby during rehearsals. The glass lobby doors are to remain locked during all production activities (please do not let anyone in the lobby doors), cast/crew should always use the designated side doors. When leaving late night rehearsals, please try to walk to your cars in a group.

Rehearsal Door: Please use the side door (south side of building) – the main lobby glass doors will typically be locked during rehearsal times.



By signing below, I hereby grant permission to Dream City Church to use photographs and/or video of me taken from Sept 15 – Dec 19 to be used in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications (now and in the future), related to the mission of Dream City Church.

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