Dream City Church Creative Arts

Cast list

We are excited to announce cast list for Celebration of Christmas 2018!

The COC creative team evaluated over 325 auditioners (acting, dancing, singing, aerials, etc) – and we took great care to place everyone in the scenes and songs that best fit their talents.  Everyone age 7 and older has been cast in the show. We are so excited about the great talent and wonderful personalities that will be involved in the show this year!


By now you should have filled out a Registration Form, Participation and Consent Forms, and Costume Measurement forms. Please complete those forms immediately if you haven’t already. Forms are available on the “audition info” page.

Cast List

For each scene/song, we have listed: the cast, the director and weekly rehearsal time slots. Please note, most performers are in multiple scene/songs – so read through every scene and find which groups you are cast in. (You can search the document with ctrl+F or command+F to find your name).

Cast list response

After you look through the entire cast list, fill out the Response Form by Thursday, Sept 13 to let us know if you will accept or decline your role in each scene that you are cast.  Please review the rehearsal schedules and decide if you can commit to all the scenes you have been cast in. You can ‘accept’ some scenes and ‘decline’ others.

Fill out the Cast List Response Form to send us your response.

Note: if you have multiple people in in the cast from one family, you need to submit a form for each person.

Please fill out the form by Sept. 13.  We are looking forward to seeing you on Sept. 15 at the All Cast meeting, and working with you on a great show that will honor God and inspire our community!